iCarousel© 1.0

My second menu layout. It looks like JP8.3’s spin menu or W710’s Active in a single look but it’s does not actually. 12 icons are discontinuous and I was highly inspired by the carousel. I did not create the icons myself, btw.

iCarousel© 1.0


  • full desktop style with simple yet modern look.
  • still, highly versatile – compatible with both dark and vivid themes.
  • default titles have been replaced with new Apple-sque names.
  • side slider fixed by modded layout.xml.
  • key shorcuts (4 = camera, 5 = messaging, etc) work fine.

Use XS++3.1 and upload all png files and menu.ml to tpa\preset\system\menu.
Upload layout.xml to fs\tpa\system\layout.

Recommended themes: Digitize, Clarity.


Original icons – The Black Aqua theme- are copyright by ToffeeNut. Credit to him!

Download for K800

Download for K810

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