FerrisWheel© 2.0

Yayyyyy…. this is my very first work – not that original though. I ripped the icons from C902’s The Red Carpet theme and redesigned the layout into full desktop half-rotation. Yeah, it’s just like a ferris wheel.

FerrisWheel© 2.0


  • created based on C902’s The Red Carpet icons.
  • highly versatile – compatible with both dark and vivid themes.
  • default titles have been removed and replaced with red fancy texts in the center of the display.
  • side slider fixed by modded layout.xml.
  • key shorcuts (4 = camera, 5 = messaging, etc) work fine.

Use XS++3.1 and upload all png files and menu.ml to tpa\preset\system\menu.
Upload layout.xml to fs\tpa\system\layout.

Recommended themes: The Red Carpet, Clarity.


Original icons were designed for C902 and copyright to Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications  AB.

Download for K800

Download for K810


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